November 2022 Election Voter Guide

On November 8th, voters across California will vote on measures and candidates that will shape policy for the years to come. That’s why, for every election, the TechEquity Action team combs through all the measures and key candidate races, identifies those that have a relationship to TechEquity Action’s advocacy platforms​, and provides information to our community to support their preparation for Election Day.

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Statewide and Local Measures

We’re covering all the state ballot measures as well as local ballot measures where TechEquity’s base of supporters is concentrated. We also provide a voting recommendation on the measures that intersect with our issue areas of housing and labor, and align with our values and policy platform.

Here’s an at-a-glance guide to how we’re voting on measures in the November election:

Candidate Recommendations

We’re sharing our assessment of five critical races across the Bay Area. Check out our at-a-glance overview below, and click in to get more details on these pivotal campaigns.