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Join our 2022 Elections Research Committee

It’s an election year, and several seats are up for grabs that will have a huge impact on the future of housing issues, workers' rights, and tech in California. That’s why for the first time ever, TechEquity Action will be releasing candidate recommendations, but we need your help. Community input has always been critical to our priorities. To ensure our recommendations are centered on our values and our community, we’re forming a volunteer committee to research candidate platforms and provide input on upcoming elections. The work of the 2022 Elections Volunteer Committee will directly impact who TechEquity Action recommends.

Join the Elections Research Committee

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Tech workers have the power to enact real change in their communities and reform policies so that everyone has the opportunity to participate in a more equitable economy. Join our committee to ensure candidates who represent our values end up representing us in the Capitol. 

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FAQ: What should I expect when joining our volunteer committee?

The research will take place in April for the primary (June) and in August for the general election (November). Each volunteer would support the research and analysis of candidates. Volunteers will need to do about 2 hours of research per candidate in order to successfully fill out the candidate assessment rubric. How many candidates you decide to evaluate is totally up to you.  In February, we’ll host our first committee meeting and go over the list of prospective candidates and our election recommendation rubric. The Committee will meet twice together throughout the year, once for the primary election and then again ahead of the general election. Total volunteer time committed is expected to be 2, 1-hour meetings (February and July), two to four 15 minute check-ins with TechEquity Actions Organizing Manager,  and 2+ hours of candidate research, depending on the number of candidates you decide to take on.

We will publish our recommendations one month prior to election day (in alignment with when voters receive their absentee ballots in the mail) for the primary and general elections, May 4th and October 11th respectively. The committee will be conducting research primarily in early April for the primary and early August for the general election.

No, you can join the committee for only one or for both.

Volunteers will support candidate recommendations with research and input assessing candidates against an election rubric that takes into consideration the  following criteria:

  • Platform and Policy Priorities: Demonstrated and/or public support for our workforce, labor, and housing policy goals. 
  • Value and Ethics: Alignment with TechEquity’s mission and values.
  • Effectiveness: Strong track record of success in elected office or a clear, compelling, and concrete plan to win on issues.

Detailed criteria and instructions for completing the assessment rubric will be provided to volunteers who sign up.

TechEquity Action plans to weigh in on key California Senate and Assembly races for the primary (June 2022) and general elections (November 2022).  The races that we will evaluate are determined by a set of criteria including, but not limited to: the number of tech workers in a given district, whether or not the electeds would have direct decision power within our issue areas, and whether or not the race is critical for our community to bring transformational change to the process.